Indonesia Vacation Tips

Indonesia is not a small place to visit. It is really very big and you have to plan your vacation in the right way to enjoy your trip while exploring Indonesia. Numerous visitors visit Indonesia each year and return with great memories. There are several islands in Indonesia that look attractive and simply amazing. It’s so much fun exploring those places. Enjoying your vacation in Indonesia with your family or friends is like a dream. There are several wonderful and excellent places to visit in Indonesia. Some of them are as follows.


This is one of the most incredible places in Indonesia that you should not miss. It is truly one of the highest destinations in the world that will make your trip memorable. The place is known as the island of the gods and is surrounded by a natural beauty that conquers the heart. Spending your time on the white sand beaches of Indonesia is truly amazing. Blue skies, magnificent waves and tropical climate that would miss all this. Bali is rich in culture and the people here are very religious. They have a strong Hindu faith and that is why there are many temples around the place.


This is a wonderful place in Indonesia and it can be said that it is a paradise on earth. The Bunaken Marine Park is famous all over the world and offers a comfortable stay to all its tourists. He has a laid-back lifestyle rarely found in big cities. Tourists from all over the world visit this place and enjoy their vacations with their friends or family. Diving is a great experience at Bunaken. Visitors start their day at Bunaken by diving. They dive again at night in the latter part of the day.


This is the capital of Indonesia. Although one may wonder what there is to see and explore in Jakarta, you must realize that there are many places that you would never expect. Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia and has some fascinating museums. There is a famous museum known as the National Museum. It has an excellent collection of works of art and relics that attract the attention of many visitors.

This museum also displays historical aspects of Indonesian culture that are truly amazing and fun to explore. The most exciting part of this museum is that it has an incredible collection of Chinese ceramic dating. This is not only years, but it is from the time of Han, Tang and also Ming dynasty. The National Museum also has the bronze and gold collection, which is from the classical period of Indonesia.

Take West Kalimantan for example, we find Pagatimun, a hidden beach that offers tranquility and solitude. This natural attraction lies deep in an area hardly touched by travelers, even locals. The sound of the waves crashing was as quiet as the sound of the stars above. Pagatimun offers a serenity that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

So you can say that there is a lot to explore in Indonesia and you will really enjoy your vacation here. Natural beauty, great weather, good culture and friendly people, what else can you expect from a vacation destination like this? Although it is a spacious place with multiple accommodations, it is always best to reserve your accommodation in advance.…

Best Things To Do In Hungary

Hungary is a country that has a very fascinating and interesting history because of the various cultural traditions ingrained in it. From the time that Hungary was able to overcome Communism during the late 1980’s, people were naturally drawn to this country and was eventually treated by many as an ideal destination for travelers. Hungary is a very diverse country that is able to offer a variety of historical, cultural, and natural sites that tourists can visit; and these top attractions will be elaborated below.

It’s a given that there are many markets in Hungary, but one of the most popular one is the Grand Market Hall which is located in Budapest. This market offers a variety of items inside its multi-level building that are being sold by trade sellers and local farmers; some of these products are meat, fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and fish are offered to customers. Aside from a sea of products to choose from, tourists will also be able to enjoy different sites where they can enjoy spend some time in like cafes and restaurants. Tourists will have a lot of chances to visit because Grand Market Hall is open every day of the week excluding Sundays. 

Hungary also offers sites that will expand the cultural perspective of the tourists and one of these sites is the Dohany Street Synagogue; it is mostly known for being the largest standing synagogue in the world, aside from the ones in Israel. This attraction also covers the historical aspect because it has a very interesting background story to it; the synagogue was bombed during World War II and was eventually used by Nazi Germany before it was completely restored to its initial condition in the 1990’s. Within the synagogue, there is also a garden with a weeping willow memorial that has leaves that carry the names of some of the deceased people of Budapest, as well as those missing Jews. 

For tourists who are looking to find an activity that will allow them to have a close encounter with nature, the Cave Bath is definitely the perfect destination. Aside from having the chance to be close to nature, this attraction is a definite source of relaxation and will make any tourist feel why they are on vacation in the first place. Tourists will also be able to maximize their relaxing experience in the Cave Bath because of the various spa treatments available there, and they can enjoy these services from February to December.

Another natural site where tourists can visit is called Lake Balaton which is the largest lake in all of Europe, making it one of the best tourist attractions in the entire world. During summer, families in Hungary go out on trips on the lake and enjoy the heat of the sunlight, as well as other activities like sailing, fishing and of course swimming. Locals usually bring their own boat to be able to enjoy the lake, but tourists can also rent boats that they can use to explore Lake Balaton. On winter, visitors can enjoy seasonal activities such as ice fishing and skating.

With all that Hungary has to offer, it is not surprising that a lot of people really look forward to visiting this country someday.…

Consider Visiting Syria

Syria is located in Southwest Asia. Traveling on land is sure to leave an unforgettable experience after your vacation. The tourism industry with the state was constantly evolving and gathering information about this state before traveling would bring convenience to the traveler. It is best to go to the region in March; most likely this is the spring season.

Travelers can also visit Syria during the three-month fall season, from September to November. It is recommended not to go to the country house neither in summer nor in winter because the weather can cause discomfort for rest. Summers in Syria are hot, dry, and very humid. Travel destinations in Syria include a number of places that make Syria another historic country.

Omayyad Mosque

Umayyad Mosque is a beautiful mosque which is located in the center of the old city and has been constructed in a very efficient manner. There is the Azam Palace which stands again in the middle of the city and is very beautifully designed internally. The mosque was very beautifully constructed of polychrome stone and marble. The fountains glorify the beauty of the palace, and the entire palace is filled with the fragrance of flowers which adds to the charm of the palace.

Damascus citadel

The Damascus citadel is the only citadel but does not have a hill where other forts and palaces are normally located. Inside the palace were houses, schools, bathrooms, and all other things that were usually owned by the city. In fact, it is considered a city within a city. The market is also a point of attraction for the tourists here. There are many markets such as Al Hameediyah Market, Midhat Pasha Market, and others, and the new city also has some tourist attractions for tourists. The National Museum is one of the places that a tourist must visit during a visit to Syria. Which are considered one of the best hotels in the world? Visitors can see many prehistoric elements from different eras of the Syrian civilization.

Takkiya – Sulaymaniyyah

This is another place not to be missed. It is a historical monument built in 1854 by Sultan Suleiman. Two towers are the main attraction of this beautiful building. The Christian architecture of St. Paul’s Church should also be on your itinerary when visiting the country.

Al Saleh

Al Saleh which is situated at the foot of Mount Qasiun has a large history. It was built to accommodate the refugees who arrived in the country due to the invasion of the Crusaders. There are many palaces such as Al-Miraq, Awadh Castle, St. Simon, and many others.

There is no end to the various places you visit in Syria. So while planning a trip, you should make sure that you have enough time. The country has a good mix of ancient civilization and modern society. Tourists visiting the country are never disappointed and many of them return to the country. So, if you are planning a trip to the Middle East, make sure Syria is not to be missed.…

Is Myanmar Worth Visiting?

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is in Southeast Asia and borders five countries; China, Thailand, Laos, India, and Bangladesh. With over 100 ethnic groups, the country is culturally diverse, and you should definitely add it to your travel list.  

If you have never been to Asia, Myanmar should be your first destination, let the past not blind you from getting the country’s authentic experience. There are spectacular lakes, mountains, rivers, beaches, and islands that will make your stay worthwhile.

Getting around in Myanmar

Though the country is considered underdeveloped, it has an excellent road network connecting the major tourist spots. For this reason, the best option is to take a bus ride, a taxi (fair price in the cities only), or rent a bike to traverse the city.

Top 5 Places to visit 

Once you get to Myanmar, there is so much to enjoy, but here are the best five places to visit. You won’t be disappointed!

  1. Inle Lake

At Inle Lake, you will encounter some thrilling acrobatic dances from the fishermen. The feeling you get will make you give them a tip. Although rumors have it that the fishermen make more money from tips than fishing, their dance styles with large fishnets are worthy of the tips they get. Where on earth did you see a fisherman operating an oar with one leg? Also, you pay several Kyat to pose with the fishermen.

  1. Yangon

Previously, Yangon (formerly Rangoon) was the capital of Myanmar. Little has changed in the city, and you find giant British architectures, modern temples, and pagodas. The Chauk-htat-gyi Budha Temple has Myanmar’s biggest Buddha statues. The Kandawgyi lake Kyaiktiyo, Shwedagon Paya, and Pagoda Golden Rock are also worth your time.

  1. Mandalay

This dusty city is in a river valley, and the neighboring mountainous plain gives the city a perfect taste of the countryside while maintaining its status. You can take advantage of the day trips using bikes and get to admire the beautiful Mandalay scenery. In case you plan to cycle in the city, remember to keep hydrated. You can also explore the Ava & U Bein Bridge for an ideal sunset and the Irrawaddy River for a picture-perfect adventure.

  1. Bagan

This city has ancient designs and packed with over 2000 temples. It dates back to between the 9th and 13th centuries. Spend several days, hire a bike, and admire the city’s giant temples. 

  1. Mergui Archipelago

To wide up your tour, visit the hundreds of islands on the south coast and dive the primeval beaches. The coral reefs are also a reason why you should visit the archipelago.


When planning your travel to Myanmar, always remember to book rooms in advance. There is a shortage of accommodation facilities, and you might be frustrated, expecting to stroll around and find a room.