Consider Visiting Syria

Syria is located in Southwest Asia. Traveling on land is sure to leave an unforgettable experience after your vacation. The tourism industry with the state was constantly evolving and gathering information about this state before traveling would bring convenience to the traveler. It is best to go to the region in March; most likely this is the spring season.

Travelers can also visit Syria during the three-month fall season, from September to November. It is recommended not to go to the country house neither in summer nor in winter because the weather can cause discomfort for rest. Summers in Syria are hot, dry, and very humid. Travel destinations in Syria include a number of places that make Syria another historic country.

Omayyad Mosque

Umayyad Mosque is a beautiful mosque which is located in the center of the old city and has been constructed in a very efficient manner. There is the Azam Palace which stands again in the middle of the city and is very beautifully designed internally. The mosque was very beautifully constructed of polychrome stone and marble. The fountains glorify the beauty of the palace, and the entire palace is filled with the fragrance of flowers which adds to the charm of the palace.

Damascus citadel

The Damascus citadel is the only citadel but does not have a hill where other forts and palaces are normally located. Inside the palace were houses, schools, bathrooms, and all other things that were usually owned by the city. In fact, it is considered a city within a city. The market is also a point of attraction for the tourists here. There are many markets such as Al Hameediyah Market, Midhat Pasha Market, and others, and the new city also has some tourist attractions for tourists. The National Museum is one of the places that a tourist must visit during a visit to Syria. Which are considered one of the best hotels in the world? Visitors can see many prehistoric elements from different eras of the Syrian civilization.

Takkiya – Sulaymaniyyah

This is another place not to be missed. It is a historical monument built in 1854 by Sultan Suleiman. Two towers are the main attraction of this beautiful building. The Christian architecture of St. Paul’s Church should also be on your itinerary when visiting the country.

Al Saleh

Al Saleh which is situated at the foot of Mount Qasiun has a large history. It was built to accommodate the refugees who arrived in the country due to the invasion of the Crusaders. There are many palaces such as Al-Miraq, Awadh Castle, St. Simon, and many others.

There is no end to the various places you visit in Syria. So while planning a trip, you should make sure that you have enough time. The country has a good mix of ancient civilization and modern society. Tourists visiting the country are never disappointed and many of them return to the country. So, if you are planning a trip to the Middle East, make sure Syria is not to be missed.

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